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Restaurant Review: Seasons 52


Last night we were lucky enough to be invited to dinner for one of our good friend’s birthdays.  We met them at Seasons 52 in Tyson’s Corner.  While Seasons 52 is definitely a chain type restaurant, I love that they emphasize healthy entrees with normal size portions.  Nothing on their menu is over 475 calories, which is AMAZING for chain restaurants.  And even better, in the handful of times I have been there I have never had a bad meal.

Last night we started off with with cocktails, a pineapple cosmo for me, strawberry coconut skinny martini for Nicole and a bottle of pinot nior for our husbands.  My cosmo was amazing.  I am not usually a sweet drink kind of girl, but since the temperatures sky rocketed to 100 degrees this week it sounded more refreshing than anything else on the menu.  Nicole was not as happy with her drink.  The idea was great, but there was toasted coconut actually poured into the glass which made the drink have a pulp-like consistency.  Better in theory than in reality.

For an appetizer we ordered two flatbreads to share.  We got the Spicy Chipolte Shrimp (my favorite thing on their entire menu) and the summer option, which was an arugula, fig and goat cheese flatbread.  Both were delicious and a perfect amount to start off the meal.

Spicy Chipolte Shrimp Flatbread

When we ordered dinner I was in the mood for a salad, and anywhere that has an Ahi Tuna salad on the menu is a winner in my mind.  Unfortunately, it was probably my least favorite entree I have ever gotten there.  It wasn’t bad by any means, just not super exciting.  The salad dressing was very tart, and there was a ton of lettuce and cabbage and not much else.  Of course, the Ahi was delicious, and that is really all that matter overall.

Nicole got a scallop dish which I have had before, so I know her’s was amazing.  B got a grilled shrimp pasta dish, which looked amazing.  I didn’t ask in time to have a bite 😦 .  Burdell ordered the BBQ chicken, which at first came out wrong.  Once he got the correct meal, it looked tasty though and he really seemed to like it.

Of course, we had to end the night with a mini indulgence (dessert) for all of us.  B got a mocha one, Nicole the peanut butter chocolate, Burdell the canoli and I tried something other than their key lime pie for once, and got the german chocolate cake, which was almost as good.

Mini Indulgence Selection

Because it was Nicole’s birthday they brought us an amuse bouche to start the meal (a crab/avocado bruschetta), a free dessert for her, and also a round of champagne to end our meal.  They also took a group picture, and printed out a copy for each couple.  The customer service was impeccable.  Since one of our meals was messed up, they took the meal and a bottle of wine off our check.  There is no doubt that I would recommend going there to anyone who was celebrating.  They really make you feel like they care about your special day, and they want to make your experience amazing.

I am not usually someone who seeks out chain restaurants.  I usually like the mom and pop shop, or family owned restaurants, but Seasons 52 is near the top of my list for favorite places to go.

Happy Birthday Nicole!


What is your favorite chain restaurant?

**all food images courtesy of past restaurant reviews through Google images**