Perfect Summer Day


Summer, hands down, is my favorite season.  In the morning, it is temperate enough to fit in an outside workout.  The afternoons are filled with sun and heat and then the evenings are warm enough to sit out on the deck until well after the sun goes down.  Once it hits the super hot here, all you hear are the complaints but I don’t mind the heat.  It’s summer, if it wasn’t hot and humid, it just wouldn’t seem right.

Growing up in Maryland, I have experienced seasons my whole life.  While, spring and fall tend to be the favorites for most here, summer always has and will have a special place in my heart.  And, cold, non-snowy, nasty winter…that is another post for another day.

When I think summer, I think pool days, crabs, summer brews, and sitting outside until the sun goes down.  That, to me, is the perfect summer day.  Luckily, this weekend, we got to have just that.


B and I have been trying to find a time to go to the pool all summer.  Each time we would think the day was here, it would rain, or we would be busy.  Finally, this past weekend the weather stars aligned with our free afternoon and we were able to go and people watch at a packed pool for a few hours.  We probably spent equal time in and out of the pool because it was pretty hot, but it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


After drinking a few new (to us) summer brews at a friends house, we also got our crab fill for the summer.  You can’t go an entire Maryland summer without picking a few crabs.  As much as I love them, I usually only last about 2-3 crabs before I get tired of picking and just eat the sides.  Last night the hush puppies and corn were definitely calling my name.


Hopefully this sunny weather decides to stick around!

What is your favorite summer tradition? Is summer your favorite season as well? 



On Marriage


The most popular question I get asked often since last September is How is married life?.  I never quite know how to respond.  I usually end up saying something cheesy.  “It’s the same but better”, or “It’s everything I hoped”.  Neither of those really tell the person much of anything.  But really, how do you describe something that comes so naturally.  If you could describe it, wouldn’t that be more of a negative?


Personally, when I married B, I didn’t think anything would really change.  Yes, we were going to combine our money, but we also both wanted to keep our own accounts.  We both work and we felt we should have access to our own money as well.  We were going to have to split household chores, but really we both already knew what we gravitated towards.  I am the cook, he tends to clean.  He does the laundry, while I tend to be the organizer.  We both fell into our roles quite nicely.

Now, on the other hand, I don’t want to butter this up to look like we never fight.  But there is a reality.  Everyone fights about one thing or another.  If you don’t fight, you have no passion.  Disagreements make relationships grow.  It proves that you have an opinion, and that you are your own person.  Every time we disagree, I feel we grow as a couple.  It causes us to work not only on ourselves, but on our relationship together.  I tend to be a little more easy going (some people call it lazy, I tend to disagree) while he tends to be more motivated and particular (I call it type A…) but because of that I think we really balance each other out.

Every relationship has strengths and weaknesses.  But when the strengths outweigh, you know you are in it for the long haul.  We have the same beliefs, and ideas about life.  We support each other in our dreams.  We are each others biggest cheerleaders, and when necessary (and asked for) each others critic.  Each day we learn more and more when it is the right time to say, “I don’t really think that is right” and when to just let things go.


These thoughts were all really inspired by my friend’s bachelorette party last weekend.  We were out in OCMD, and she was wearing the typical bridal sash and was getting comments such as “don’t do it” and “congrats” or “RUN”.  One man came up and congratulated her and we asked him for advice since he said he had been married for 30 years. His response was space. We were slightly confused at first.  Space? But he explained it like this.  It is better to walk to opposite sides of the house when you are fighting and nothing is getting solved.  Take time to breath and talk it out.  Also, it is good to have guys/girls nights and spend time with your friends.  It nice to come home to each other and tell them stories about what you have done.  He told us that “absence really does make the heart grow fonder”.  It was so nice to hear coming from a man’s point of view.  And it was even nicer see the love that he and his wife shared after being married for 30 years.

So all in all, after my 10 months of being married (still so new), I have decided that the quested how is married life, is so personal.  It is amazing, always growing and changing, and mostly just our life, together.  As long as we are always there for each other, this ride should just keep getting better and better.


Fascinating Friday Finds


TGIF.  Every week we wait for Friday to get here and every week it’s just as amazing.

We don’t have too much planned this weekend.  Hopefully having a mini crab feast, just B and I tonight (if the rain ever stops, if not, maybe a sushi date?), and the seeing off two good friends at a going away party tomorrow.  Hope everyone has great weekend plans lined up! Or if you are lying low, have fun sleeping in and hopefully relaxing by the pool.

Below are some things I have found around the web this week that I have to share.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Pumpkin Banana Bread:


So here’s the thing.  I really really wanted to make this bread. I mixed all the wet ingredients together.  Even had a can of pumpkin in the pantry and then realized I had no flour. It was a sad moment in our house.  Hopefully this weekend I will make it to the grocery store and pick some up to try again.

Best MOH Speech Ever

I have a bit of an obsession with wedding videos.  They make me smile every time.  I wish I could sing, and not get nervous.  My goal is just to not read off a piece of paper during my MOH speech coming up in the next month.  Need to start practicing. Like, yesterday.

Channing Tatum Running Shirt:


I mean…How could you pass this shirt up?  I think I will be purchasing it for my next race!

Funny Onesie


The best thing about having friends who are having babies (minus the amazing baby smell, and how cute they are, and how they cuddle with you…etc) is the adorable clothes you get to buy them.  This is my current favorite that I just sent to a friend.  Can’t wait to see her little munchkin in it.

Dress of the Week


Sadly this dress is on sale, and still way too much for me to make it legitimate in my mind to buy it.  I would have to wear it at least 17 times to prove that it was needed.  BCBG, why are your dresses so pretty, yet so…SO expensive.  It just doesn’t seem right.

Happy Friday everyone! Happy hour is just around the corner.  Have a glass or four of wine, or your favorite drink, and cheers to a great weekend ahead!

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Love of Books


Lately, as with every summer, I have been obsessed with reading.  A few summers ago I went on an Emily Giffin kick.  I read every single book that she had written.  I think I was still in college at the time and spent my summer afternoons at the pool, reading, until I had to go into work in the evening.

This year my obsession is with Sarah Jio.  In the last month I have read not one but three of her four published books.  Each one I read gets better and better.

I started a little backwards and read Blackberry Winter first.  I could not put it down once I started.  It was an amazing mix of love, mystery and even a little bit of history.  When I finished I wished there was more.  Then I read The Violets of March, and I was even more enthralled with her writing.  It is easy to read and there are points in the stories that I figure out more than I probably should.  But then she throws in even more of a twist.  You have that “oh wow” moment, at the end of every single one of her books.

2 3

And then I read The Bungalow this past week.  It was a heartbreaking story in so many ways with such an amazing ending.  When I finished reading I just wanted to give the main character a huge hug.  This book touched me so deeply that I dreamt about it for two nights after finishing.  I only hope that they make it into a movie one day.


I have already downloaded her fourth book to my kindle, The Last Camellia.  I have yet to start it, because I know when I do, I will want to read the entire thing.

These are the perfect books for a book club because everyone can laugh, cry, discuss and relate to her stories.  I have recommended them to numerous friends and I hope they fall in love with her writing as much as I have.

I can’t wait until her fifth book comes out in November…



Welcome to my page, so nice of you to stop by.  As most of you know (since I am sure 99% of you out there are people that know me) I used to have a blog.  But I realized quickly that it didn’t really have a direction.  I tended to post random pictures of the weekend, random quotes that I liked, or a recipe that I took a picture of with my iPhone.  I decided to scrap that, look at it as practice and move on to this space.

This time around, I have a focus.  Life in your 20s is ever changing.  It has to be one of the biggest growing points in life.  For me, I went from college and dating (all the wrong for me people) to meeting my best friend, now husband, at 23.  In my head, I never realized that it could happen so young.  I got a dog at 24, married at 27, and now here I am today.  Looking to what the future may bring.

During my 20s I have fallen in love with working out and cooking.  I have again found my love for reading.  And hopefully, here, my love for writing as well.  I went to college with writing as my passion and it has fallen to the wayside the last few years.

During a recent weekend vacation with friends, we got to talking about careers.  One girl is a Nurse Practitioner, another a lawyer.  A group of them are teachers, and others work assisting the underprivileged in finding jobs of their own.  When someone asked me what my career was I had to pause.  Currently I don’t really feel like I have a career. I have a job.  I am not going to boohoo it; a job that pays the bills is important indeed.  But I have never found that passion that others have when it comes to work.  The only time I feel it, is when I write.

So here I am. This my not be my career.  But it will be my outlet.  I will share my views on life as a grown up (even though, some days, I still have a hard time believing I am one).  If I make an amazing meal, maybe I will share that with you as well.  While I know what I want to share, I know it will be evolving, as is the life of a 20 something.  Hope you all stick around to see what I have to say.