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Love of Books


Lately, as with every summer, I have been obsessed with reading.  A few summers ago I went on an Emily Giffin kick.  I read every single book that she had written.  I think I was still in college at the time and spent my summer afternoons at the pool, reading, until I had to go into work in the evening.

This year my obsession is with Sarah Jio.  In the last month I have read not one but three of her four published books.  Each one I read gets better and better.

I started a little backwards and read Blackberry Winter first.  I could not put it down once I started.  It was an amazing mix of love, mystery and even a little bit of history.  When I finished I wished there was more.  Then I read The Violets of March, and I was even more enthralled with her writing.  It is easy to read and there are points in the stories that I figure out more than I probably should.  But then she throws in even more of a twist.  You have that “oh wow” moment, at the end of every single one of her books.

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And then I read The Bungalow this past week.  It was a heartbreaking story in so many ways with such an amazing ending.  When I finished reading I just wanted to give the main character a huge hug.  This book touched me so deeply that I dreamt about it for two nights after finishing.  I only hope that they make it into a movie one day.


I have already downloaded her fourth book to my kindle, The Last Camellia.  I have yet to start it, because I know when I do, I will want to read the entire thing.

These are the perfect books for a book club because everyone can laugh, cry, discuss and relate to her stories.  I have recommended them to numerous friends and I hope they fall in love with her writing as much as I have.

I can’t wait until her fifth book comes out in November…