Embrace It


Some days you just wake up in a bad mood.  And on those days there is no amount of positivity, chocolate or wine that can really make it go away.  I am convinced on those days that the only thing that can cure the bad mood is keeping to yourself, going home to watch trash TV, and going to bed early so you can start over in a better mood tomorrow.

This is me today.

From about 8 am-3 pm I have tried to fight the mood.  I tried working out at lunch, which made me feel better, but still no good mood magically appeared.  Then at 3 pm when I was on the phone with someone who was less than pleasant I decided, why fight it, just embrace it.  Not everyday is the best day.  Sometimes it is OK to be the person who isn’t in the best mood.  Sometimes you just need to take a day to sit in your cubicle, quietly typing away, and not be the conversationalist.

I have a fun week ahead of me with so many good things going on.  Why dwell on today and let it seep into tomorrow.  I will just move ahead tomorrow, with a smile on my face.  Maybe I will even convince myself to get up a little early to start the day off with a smoothie after the gym.  That always makes the day a little better.  😉

Back to positivity tomorrow.

What do you do when you are in a bad mood?


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