Strong is Beautiful


The first thing  I thought when I saw Kate Middleton walk out in her adorable blue polka dotted dress was, “Wow, she looks absolutely amazing”. Of course, I am not dumb.  I know that she probably had a bit of help.  Having a baby and then less than 24 hours, walking out of the hospital to reporters and screaming fans means you have to make yourself presentable.  That could have involved hair/make up artists, and some one bringing her clothes.  But really, who cares? There are very few women  that have to face the world (literally, everyone) when they walk out with their newborn baby.  And she did it with poise and beauty along with her husband.


Now, I came across this article and, coming from a woman who has never experienced having a baby, it made me very upset.  From what I know from friends, you are not supposed to workout for up to six weeks after having a baby, more for some.  The main focus after having a baby is literally keeping the baby healthy and as happy as possible.  How dare someone already put out “suggestions” to poor Kate about how she should do models workouts so she can get back in shape as fast as they did?

It makes sense why people have such a bad body image.  There are critics everywhere telling girls they should be skinnier, bounce back quicker, eat less, workout more.  As a woman I know it is pretty much impossible to ever be completely happy with your body because there are so many people out there preaching about how it could ALWAYS be better.  It’s just disappointing that our society still, even after the rise of eating disorders, wants to show that skinny is the best.

Over the past few months I have started doing a boot camp class.  I have learned that the scale is not what should control how you feel about your body.  While I have never had an eating disorder, I did have a scale obsession for a very long time.  I had to stay under a certain number, its a mind game.  If you aren’t under that number than you cut back on the carbs, etc. But since starting this boot camp (soliderfit) I am more excited to see that I can do bicep curls with 12 pounds instead of 5 like I used to.  I am excited that I can do pushup, not on my knees.  I love that my burpee now is a real one with a push up and jump.  My favorite workout shirt says “Strong is Beautiful” because it is and that is what girls should remind themselves. These are the things that should motivate girls to be healthy, not a number on a scale.  I have stepped away from the scale and have no clue what I weigh and I am much happier because of it.  I eat healthy 80% of the time, but I indulge as well.  There has to be a happy balance.

So my message to Kate Middleton would be, do not worry about how fast your bounce back, and do not hire a trainer tomorrow.  Who cares what models tell you to do? Take time with your family and your newborn, out of the public eye, and live your life, as normal as humanly possible.  When you are ready to work out, if you want to, then do it in your own time and your own way.  You are beautiful, not only because of your looks, but because your body just had a healthy little baby boy who just so happens to also be a prince.


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