Love or Hate


I have a love/hate relationship with running.  As I was running my little heart out at lunch today I was thinking, why do I pick this as one of my main forms of exercise?

I will first start with my loves:

Running is portable.  You can literally run anywhere (unless it is an unsafe area)

Running can make you feel great about yourself.  After a good run you are on top of the world.  Today was one of those runs for me.  Not only was it “fast” (fast is relative), I also went the entire time without stopping…at all.  The first I have done that in awhile.

Runners High.  Your endorphins go crazy!


After a bad run you get down on running.  But you have to remember there will probably be 100 blah runs to every great one.

Running takes practice.  You can’t just get out there and expect to run 5 miles.  It takes dedication and hard work.  Instant gratification is not an option.

Runners appetite.  Just because you are more hungry does not mean you should stuff your face to the brim.  You can’t run off bad eating habits.

I have come to realize that running, although hard, is one of the most gratifying forms of exercise.  It is a solo sport in which you are really just competing against yourself and your own PR.  Would it be nice to be the fastest and win races? Of course! But for the most part just beating your own time is what you are going for.

Learning to love running at all has taken years and years of practice, many 5ks, a 10k and a half marathon.  But I now have an appreciation for the frustrations that come along with it.

I have one statement that I say to myself over and over again as I run…”It’s not supposed to be comfortable”.  And in some backwards way, it always seems to help. I just remember that the faster the move, the faster it will all be over!


What is your favorite form of exercise?



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