Halfway to the Weekend


During the week we are always wishing work away so we can get to the weekend again.  I am very guilty of this.  I tend to count down not just the days of work but also the hours (or if we are really being honest, the minutes).  In the spring I played on a softball team and it slightly helped because I had something to look forward to on a weeknight.  But since that is over I have seen myself falling into the same wishing away trap. I feel like this tends to happy in the summer more than any other time.  Who wants to be sitting inside when you could be outside sitting by the pool? I have started trying to think more about the day to day that does not relate to work.  For example, today I have already had a great workout (ugh 5 am wake up call!), gotten through a half of a day of work and have plans for a birthday dinner for one of our friends tonight that we haven’t seen in far too long.  If we take the approach of looking at the glass half full each day, maybe it will make work enjoyable more bearable! Even on the days that we really really REALLY don’t want to be sitting at our desk, tapping away at the keyboard.

If that doesn’t help, this always does:


How do you get through the boring work days without wishing them away?


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