Welcome to my page, so nice of you to stop by.  As most of you know (since I am sure 99% of you out there are people that know me) I used to have a blog.  But I realized quickly that it didn’t really have a direction.  I tended to post random pictures of the weekend, random quotes that I liked, or a recipe that I took a picture of with my iPhone.  I decided to scrap that, look at it as practice and move on to this space.

This time around, I have a focus.  Life in your 20s is ever changing.  It has to be one of the biggest growing points in life.  For me, I went from college and dating (all the wrong for me people) to meeting my best friend, now husband, at 23.  In my head, I never realized that it could happen so young.  I got a dog at 24, married at 27, and now here I am today.  Looking to what the future may bring.

During my 20s I have fallen in love with working out and cooking.  I have again found my love for reading.  And hopefully, here, my love for writing as well.  I went to college with writing as my passion and it has fallen to the wayside the last few years.

During a recent weekend vacation with friends, we got to talking about careers.  One girl is a Nurse Practitioner, another a lawyer.  A group of them are teachers, and others work assisting the underprivileged in finding jobs of their own.  When someone asked me what my career was I had to pause.  Currently I don’t really feel like I have a career. I have a job.  I am not going to boohoo it; a job that pays the bills is important indeed.  But I have never found that passion that others have when it comes to work.  The only time I feel it, is when I write.

So here I am. This my not be my career.  But it will be my outlet.  I will share my views on life as a grown up (even though, some days, I still have a hard time believing I am one).  If I make an amazing meal, maybe I will share that with you as well.  While I know what I want to share, I know it will be evolving, as is the life of a 20 something.  Hope you all stick around to see what I have to say.


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